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Employable recipients of General Assistance are required to actively participate in a county approved job-training program for the purpose of developing job skills and employment readiness.  Each individual will have the opportunity to make a personal commitment to achieve employability.  Unless there is a health barrier to employment, and the client is able to provide a medical provider signed statement at the time of application, participation is required.  Re-evaluation of medical exemptions will occur at necessary intervals.  In the likelihood an applicant or recipient is released by medical provider to return to the workforce, active participation will be required.

Job Training participation consists of attending a GOALS meeting.  Plan to spend a minimum of 2 hours at this meeting; the Department caseworker will schedule the appointment at the time of application.  At the GOALS meeting a detailed explanation of the General Assistance programs and educational opportunities that are available within the community will be discussed.  Each attendee will be required to choose and commit to a county approved job training program before leaving the meeting.  Basic information will be shared about job training providers to help with specific employment barriers, like obtaining a GED, computer classes, vocational retraining, college level classes through Nebraska Workforce Development and/or Metropolitan Community College and senior employment opportunities. In addition, applicants and recipients who are over 19 years of age and under the age of 25 will be required to participate in one of the federally funded youth programs available in the community.

In some limited circumstances if there is not a job training program that is not a good fit for an individual, performing community service hours may be required instead. Compliance in either job training or community service is mandatory.  Failure to comply as directed will result in a 3-month denial of General Assistance benefits including a 1 month denial of medical assistance.

Individuals with a health barrier to employment are required to attend an  orientation meeting.  This meeting will be scheduled by the caseworker at the time of their application.  At this meeting a detailed explanation of the General Assistance programs and information regarding applying for State and Federal disability benefits will be provided.  Attendance is mandatory and failure to attend will result in a 1-month denial of general assistance and medical assistance benefits.


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