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If determined during the development and approval process, SID/developers will be notified of the need for an outdoor warning siren.


The following will apply: 

  1. The SID/developer owner(s) shall install a siren within 60 days of any of the following conditions: 
    1. Any work begun on any building or any other structure, 
    2. Issuance of any certificates, documents, permits, licenses, or any similar type permit (with the exception of grading), that relate to permission to build, use or occupy; including structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, or final approval of such certificates, documents, permits or licenses, 
    3. Upon availability of temporary or permanent electrical service. 
  2. Final plat approval may be denied pending compliance of the terms stated in condition one. 
  3. The siren will become the property of Douglas County immediately following purchase, installation, electrical hookup and initial testing.  The County will be responsible for further testing, maintenance, repair and replacement. 
  4. The siren shall be located such that a service truck has unhindered access to the entire siren structure at any time.
  5. The SID/development owner(s) shall pay the monthly OPPD electrical service fee and any installation charges until the SID/development is annexed into any city in Douglas County    

The sirens to be purchased is an American Signal model T-128, radio controlled with two-way status monitoring.  The siren shall be installed on an approved 50 foot steel pole.